Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Random stuff

I went on a LiveCD bender recently. I've found a remarkably efficient method for making coasters.

New taping coming up March 7. I hope.

I need to get my cooking show going again. I made a big puffy German pancake the other day and I really, really want to put the recipe on TV.

Finally, I hear Al Gore's Current network is going on the air in the UK on BskyB in the middle of March. Good stuff, good stuff. I like Current quite a lot, and I wish it much success.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007


Lowell Cable Bares it All

Oh, boy. Nudity on public access TV. The world's going to end because someone put breasts on their local cable station! What is this world coming to? Kill Janet Jackson! Waaah!


Someone please tell me why this is such a big deal. Do any of these people actually listen to the kind of music this show New England PGM was playing? Some of it's pretty explicit, and really, that's not that big a deal. Around C3TV, the usual practice should some of that kind of material come in (which really doesn't happen all that often, it being the Cape and all), it goes on the graveyard slot. Big deal. This stuff's on broadcast TV in other countries.