Monday, June 30, 2008

What's TI got in the calculator pipeline?

The TI-30Xa and TI-36X Solar appear to be in clearance mode at many of the retailers that are carrying them. Allow me to make baseless speculations about why.
  1. The TI-30 eco RS could be coming stateside, perhaps in a package to match the TI-30XS MultiView. I've never really understood why they phased out the solar panel on the Xa in the States to begin with.
  2. TI-36 eco RS? It'd be a logical next step. Maybe with a somewhat less flashy packaging?
  3. TI-36 MultiView. I doubt they'd do much to promote it though -- they've only sporadically pushed the TI-30 version, and the TI-34 version is too new. It might wind up being a TI-only purchase like the current TI-36XII.

I have a better idea, TI: try making your designs just a wee bit less expensive? You're getting your ass kicked on the low end by anklebiters like Karce. And please please please don't bring anything that looks like the TI-30XB stateside. That thing is fugly.

McCain, you've got to be kidding me

Let's pretend for a moment that John McCain hasn't frittered away all the goodwill he built up on the opposite side of the aisle from the 2000 election. Let me get this straight: oil is over $140 a barrel, and airlines are using the outrageous price of jet fuel as an excuse to nickel and dime customers to death, and McCain is chartering a plane called the Straight Talk Express?

$140 a barrel. Green is big. Nobody believes McCain is a straight talker anymore. AND HE'S CHARTERING A PRIVATE CAMPAIGN PLANE.

Has he completely lost his mind?

Obama in '08. He's the least worst.