Monday, March 26, 2007

Cucina di geek

If you're one of the few people who reads this blog, you need to check out one of the most recent entries on Shelley Batts' Retrospectacle on Cooking for Engineers (and 24 watchers). Shelley is looking for information on cooking and links the Cooking for Engineers website, a uniquely geek-oriented site for those interested in kitchen hacking. There isn't a huge number of recipes on the site, but the ones they do have (I'd guess offhand there's about 100) are illustrated step-by-step and then summarized in a simple but clever graphical format. Honestly, I rather hope the site owner (one Michael Chu) publishes a cookbook of this material someday, as I quite like his approach.

I actually came up with a couple of ideas to get my old show back on the air. I've had some interest in campsite cooking, so I'd like to try some of that. I still have an idea that I'd like to do some breakfast foods that I like, particularly a Dutch baby pancake. I'm also strongly tempted to do a show on prison loaf, except that I can't imagine that anyone would actually willingly eat that stuff. Maybe as punishment for fussy toddlers that won't eat their vegetables...

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Shelley Batts said...

Whoa, I'm almost afriad to ask...but what is prison loaf?